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Intelligent power line: real-time monitoring of power operation status

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more traditional industries begin to iterate and upgrade. In the power industry, the smart power line launched by Zhongce Wire has become the focus. Intelligent power line has the functions of real-time monitoring, data analysis, fault diagnosis and one-key inspection of transmission lines, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of power transmission and has become the new darling of the power industry.


Power companies invest more than 0.1 billion to upgrade power lines

Zhongce Electric Wire recently announced plans to invest Rmb0.1 billion to upgrade its wire facilities. This investment will help improve the power and reliability of the wire and lay the foundation for future market growth. Zhongce Wire is a company specializing in the production of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage wires. Its products are mainly used in power grids, ships, aerospace and other fields. The company is considered to be one of the leaders in China's wire industry, and its product quality and technical level are highly praised by the industry.


Zhongce Wire: Power Company Offers New Solution for Strategic Wire

2019 is a key year for China's power supply-side structural reform. Through the promotion and application of new energy and intelligent technology, power companies have initially got rid of the problem of "one person eats meat and one person drinks soup. However, as one of the important supply and demand ends of the power industry, the wire is naturally facing the requirement of upgrading. As one of the enterprises, Zhongce wire is vigorously promoting the construction plan of the future power industry.


Zhongce brand authentic cable, which cable is the best choice?

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, cable plays a very important role in production, construction, communication and other fields. In these industries, we often need to use high quality, high-performance cables to meet strict requirements and standards. Zhongce brand authentic cable is one of many cable brands, and its high-quality performance and stable quality are favored by customers. With the intensification of market competition, how consumers choose a cable product that suits their needs has become a problem that they have to face.


Zhongce Brand Authentic Cable: Laserce Brand Reshapes Industry Standards

With the rapid development of electronic information industry, cable as an important part of electronic information transmission, its quality is particularly important. However, there are a large number of low-quality inferior cables on the market, which brings great risks to the safety of consumers. The Zhongce brand authentic cable, as a representative of the thousand-layer policy brand reshaping industry standards, innovation, focusing on high-quality cable production, has been well received by the majority of users.


Misconceptions about wire and cable you need to know!

The rapid development of the Internet age has brought convenience to everyone's life, but also to our social management to bring new challenges, especially the speed of the spread of rumors, we have seen, about a lot of rumors that we believe we can distinguish, but about the wire and cable rumors, you have heard how much?


Scene and method of setting fire resistance measures for wires and cables?

Hidden dangers are numerous fires caused by cable failures every year. Therefore, in the process of laying and using wires and cables, it is necessary to properly separate the circuits where cables may spread on fire and lead to serious accidents, and the dense places of cables vulnerable to external influences and fires. Fire prevention measures shall be formulated according to the importance of cable lines, fire probability and its characteristics, economic rationality and other factors.


Why do you say that inferior wires and cables cannot be used?

As the main medium of power transmission, wire and cable play an important role. The quality is related to the safety of everyone's life and property. We always say that we should resist inferior wire and cable, but what kind of influence will inferior wire and cable have? We may not be so clear. Today, Hangzhou Zhongce Cable Co., Ltd. will take you to understand how inferior cables harm everyone.


Zhongce Brand Authentic Cable-Representative of Excellent Quality

As a leading domestic wire and cable manufacturing brand, Ce Brand has always insisted on technological innovation as the drive, through exquisite craftsmanship and advanced equipment, to produce a series of excellent quality authentic cable products. Zhongce brand authentic cable with its high quality, high reliability, high durability and other characteristics, by more and more users trust and favor.


Zhongce brand authentic cable (authentic cable brand policy brand, professional cable products authentic attack!)

Cable plays a very important role in modern society. Whether it is smart home, intelligent transportation, robots, new energy vehicles or 5G networks, cables are needed as an important part of them. In this industry, the arrival of Zhongce brand authentic cable has brought people a subversive experience.


Zhongce Brand Authentic Cable: Appears in the Market Again

Since the Ce brand cable brand entered the market, it has become a high-profile brand in the domestic wire and cable industry with its high-quality cable products and exquisite production technology. Today, the Ce brand cable brand has once again appeared in the market, bringing more reliable, durable and safe cable products. Among them, Zhongce brand authentic cable, is a concern.


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