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Since its inception, Hangzhou Zhongce Cable Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the use of advanced modern management model, constantly improve the company's operating mechanism, build a reasonable human resource management system, reflect the "people-oriented" scientific management concept, and improve corporate efficiency. The company attaches great importance to staff training, to promote the simultaneous growth of employees and the company, and make it the key to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises. In order to reflect and guarantee the reasonable introduction, effective allocation, scientific management and appropriate training of human resources in the cable industry and professional fields, the company's human resources management strategy takes "people suitable for their duties, people make the best use of their talents, and people have the right way" as the guidelines for the construction of human resources development and management system:

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People fit their jobs

The force is consistent with the requirements of its position (position), so that the hiring, selection and training of personnel can adapt to and meet the requirements of the employee's position.

Make the best use of their talents

On the basis of people being suitable for their duties, employees can actively, fully and appropriately exert their talents in their positions.

Management by objectives and assessment system

China Strategy has established a full-staff performance appraisal system, adopted scientific appraisal methods, established a sound appraisal system, comprehensively, objectively, fairly and accurately appraised employees' performance of duties and tasks, and implemented effective supervision and guidance to employees to ensure the completion of various performance indicators of the enterprise.

Employing people in a way

On the basis of people suitable for their duties and making the best use of their talents, we should further pursue the coordination and consistency between human resource management and other resource management of enterprises, and the coordination and consistency between the survival and development of enterprises and individual employees or groups. The company's human resource management can be incorporated into the effective allocation and use of the overall resources of the enterprise, so that the group's human resources have echelon, growth, and resource, and play a systematic management and guiding role in the career development of employees.

Recruitment and selection

"The all-round way to attract talent. On the one hand, through internal promotion, promotion, promotion, job transfer, and rotation, we can explore Chinese strategy talents from within the company; on the other hand, we enter various recruitment channels, directly face the human resources market, and attract all kinds of talents needed by the company; At the same time, actively contact scientific institutions and colleges to jointly carry out scientific and technological research, carry out scientific and technological innovation, and cultivate outstanding talents for the group and society.

Training and Personal Development

Zhongce adheres to the training principle of "internal training as the mainstay, supplemented by external introduction", and adopts a "rolling promotion" approach to circular training. Job introduction training was carried out respectively. Post vocational education and training; Knowledge, skills, quality improvement training, career promotion, job transfer training. The talent training goal of Zhongce always adheres to the talent training policy of "professional training and comprehensive training simultaneously". The employees of the enterprise are divided into technical employees, operation employees, office employees and business employees, and detailed career development routes are established respectively to guide the employees to cultivate their skills scientifically and help them grow.

Distribution principle

In order to fully embody the "people-oriented" human resource management concept of China Strategy Company, establish an incentive mechanism suitable for the company's sustainable development and improve the enthusiasm of employees, take the individual personality, learning, stability, professionalism and professionalism of employees as the evaluation criteria, attract, retain and develop outstanding talents for the enterprise, ensure the long-term and stable development of the enterprise, adhere to the principle of "benefit first", and take into account the common interests of shareholders and employees, the salary distribution principle of "the same skill and the same salary, the salary changes with the technology, and the salary changes with the post" has been formulated.

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A professional manufacturer of power cables, control cables, overhead stranded wires, overhead insulated cables, PVC insulated cables (wires), electronic computer cables, intrinsically safe cables, compensation wires and cables, high temperature wires and cables, inverter cables, silicone rubber cables, Rubber sheathed cables, mining cables, marine cables, communication cables, pre-branch cables, magnesium oxide cables, local network cables, telephone wires, parallel cluster wires, etc. are flame-retardant, fire-resistant, low-smoke, low-halogen, low-smoke halogen-free series, manufacturers of low-voltage electrical appliances, switches, sockets and related ancillary products.

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